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TREMASH 50mg TABLETS by Sunrise Remedies

TREMASH 50mg TABLETS by Sunrise Remedies
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Manufacturer: Sunrise remedies pvt. ltd.
Contains: Tramadol HCl
Packing: 10 Tablet pack

Strength: 50 Mg
Form: Tablet

  • What Tramadol capsules area unit and what they’re used for

Tramadol complex is one in all a gaggle of medicines referred to as centrally acting analgesics and area unit used for the relief of moderate or severe pain.

Before you are taking –

Do not take Tramadol capsules and tell your doctor if you:

• are allergic (hypersensitive) to tramadol complex, or any of the ingredients (see section 6).

• are pregnant, about to become pregnant or breast-feeding.

• have recently taken alcohol, sleeping tablets, different robust pain killers or medicines to treat mental state.

• have taken a MAO matter (MAOI) medication at intervals the last time period.

• have severe liver, excretory organ or respiratory organ (breathing) issues.

• suffer from brain disease (fits) not controlled by treatment from your doctor.

• are undergoing treatment to withdraw from use of narcotics.

Check with your doctor or pill roller before taking Tramadol capsules if you:

• have been or area unit presently dependent on alcohol or the other drug.

• have brain disease or suffered head injury or raised pressure within the os (may cause painful eyes, changes in vision or headache behind the eyes)

• have liver, excretory organ or respiratory organ (breathing) issues that aren’t severe.

• are in shock following a severe injury or blood loss.

Taking different medicines :

Please tell your doctor or pill roller if you’re taking or have recently taken the other medicines, together with medicines obtained while not a prescription. Especially:

• Monoamine enzyme Inhibitors (MAOIs, e.g. moclobemide), or have taken these at intervals the last a pair of weeks.

• any opioid medicines that embody robust pain killers like anodyne, pethidine, buprenorphine, nalbuphine and painkiller.

• medicines that slow your reactions and respiratory down.

• carbamazepine (for brain disease or nerve pain).

• sleeping tablets.

• strong pain killers like anodyne, pethidine, buprenorphine, nalbuphine and painkiller.

• warfarin (for cutting the blood).

• medicines to treat depression (including SSRI, paroxetine, tricyclic or lofepramine).

• medicines to treat anxiety or mental state.

Pregnancy and Breast-feeding :

Do not take Tramadol capsules if you’re pregnant, suppose you will be pregnant or area unit breast-feeding.

Ask your doctor or pill roller for recommendation before taking this medication.

Driving and exploitation machines :

Tramadol capsules might cause you to feel drowsy or in rare cases blur your vision. this might be created worse if you drink alcohol or take different medicines like robust painkillers with tramadol. certify you’re not affected before you drive or operate machinery.

How to take :

Always take Tramadol capsules specifically as your doctor has told you. If you’re unsure, seek advice from your doctor or pill roller.

You are suggested to not drink alcohol with this medication.

The effects of Tramadol capsules aren’t littered with food.

Swallow these capsules whole with a glass of water at constant times daily.


• Adults and kids aged twelve years and over

Acute pain (such as once associate operation): One to 2 capsules 3 to fourfold on a daily basis. To be taken for as long as prescribed by your doctor.

Chronic pain (such as that related to cancer): one or 2 capsules initially, then one to 2 capsules each four to six hours consistent with the severity of your pain.

Take no quite eight capsules (400mg) in any twenty four hour amount unless told to by your doctor.

• Elderly: One to 2 capsules each nine hours.

• Patients with liver or excretory organ impairment: One to 2 capsules each twelve hours.

• Children: Not suggested to be used in kids aged underneath twelve years

If you are taking quite you must

If you (or somebody else) swallow plenty of capsules at constant time, otherwise you suppose a toddler might have enclosed any, contact your nearest hospital casualty department or tell your doctor at once. Signs of associate dose embody narrowed pupils, being sick, heart issues, sleepiness, coma, fits and respiratory difficulties.

If you forget to require the capsules

Do not take a double dose to create up for a forgotten dose. If you forget to require a dose take it as before long as you recollect it then take future dose at the correct time.

If you stop taking the capsules

Do not stop treatment early as a result of you will expertise withdrawal effects. If you stop taking the capsules you will develop agitation, anxiety, nervousness, panic attacks, problem sleeping, tremor, over-activity, pins and needles or ringing within the ears. {talk to|ask|check with|discuss with|see|confer with|seek recommendation from|visit|consult with|refer to|talk over with|sit down with} your doctor before you stop taking the capsules and follow their advice.

Possible facet effects :

Like all medicines, Tramadol capsules will cause facet effects, though nobody gets them. Please tell your doctor or pill roller if you notice any of the subsequent effects or any effects unlisted.

Contact your doctor right away if you experience:

• an allergic reaction: itch, skin rashes, swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat, or problem respiratory or swallowing, narrowing of airways, worsening of existing bronchial asthma, shock or collapse.

• slowed respiratory – sometimes once high doses of Tramadol capsules area unit being taken or with different medicines that slow respiratory.

Tell your doctor if you notice any of the subsequent facet effects or notice the other effects not listed:

• Very common (more than one in ten users): lightheadedness, feeling or being sick.

• Common (less than one in ten users): accumulated sweating, ‘pins and needles’, tremor, tiredness, drowsiness, sleepiness, headache, abdomen ache, dry mouth, constipation.

• Uncommon (less than one in a hundred users): unquiet rash, itching, fainting, quick heart beat, palpitations and sharp heart issues, lightheadedness on standing up owing to low pressure, retching and bloating.

• Rare (less than one in a thousand users): extreme sense of prosperity (euphoria), false sense of uneasiness (dysphoria), confusion, hallucinations (sensing things that aren’t real), altered status (delirium), changes in ability to suppose or sense clearly, sleeping issues (including nightmares), fits, blurred vision, slow heart beat, high pressure, changes in craving, muscle weakness, problem urinating or inability to urinate.

• Very rare (less than one in ten,000 users): flushing.

• Not identified (cannot be calculable from the out there data): changes in liver catalyst levels (detected through blood tests).

You may become hooked in to the tablets and notice it troublesome to prevent taking them or feel you wish to require them a lot of usually than necessary. If you stop taking the tablets suddenly you will suffer from withdrawal reactions (see section three for withdrawal symptoms).

How to store

Keep out of the reach and sight of kids.

Do not store higher than 30°C.

Do not use Tramadol capsules once the expiration date explicit  on the label/carton/bottle. The expiration date refers to the Last Day of that month.

Medicines shouldn’t be disposed of via waste or social unit waste. raise your pill roller the way to eliminate medicines not needed. These measures can facilitate to shield the setting.

Further info :

What Tramadol capsules contain

• The active substance (the ingredient that produces the pill work) is tramadol complex.

• The different ingredients area unit pregelatinised starch, crystalline polyose (E460), Mg stearate

• The capsule shell contains gelatin, iron chemical compound (E172), titanic oxide (E171), indigo carmine (E132). The ink contains shellac glaze and iron chemical compound black (E172).

TREMASH 50mg TABLETS by Sunrise Remedies
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